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  • Kayleigh hadn’t been able to hear correctly for eight or nine months previous to beginning care with Dr. Gilbert. She had undergone numerous rounds of antibiotics and the fluid was still built up behind her eardrums. Her pediatrician wanted her to have surgery to put in ear tubes but I didn’t want her to go through that. I was already seeing Dr. Gilbert and I asked him about her. He said he would take a look at her and see if she had a chiropractic problem. After about six visits, she could hear me whisper while standing behind her. She hadn’t been able to hear a whisper for months. It was GREAT!

    - Laura A.
  • My Name is Kandi. I am 20 years old. For ten years I have been dreaming abut something that I’ve never had, a regular monthly cycle. I’ve had everything from two month long cycles to three day cycles. I’ve gone to see several medical doctors and gynecologists. All of them with the same result… “Take this medication and we’ll see if it will force your system to straighten out.” Every time it’s the same thing…no change. After visiting Dr. Gilbert for about two months, he managed to do with Chiropractic care what numerous medical doctors and gynecologists couldn’t do, he straightened out my monthly cycle. He has also given me a chance to conceive another child; something my other doctors told me would never again be possible.

    - Kandi C.
  • I am a male and therefore, by definition, I am stubborn. The pain that I was experiencing came about so gradually, that it is hard to recall a specific incident that caused the injury.

    The first time I noticed the pain in my right leg was around July 2001, when I woke up the morning after playing a round of golf. I passed it off as a hamstring twinge or sore muscle of some kind. I had seen a chiropractor the year before because of a lower back pain, which I blamed on my first desk job. But this pain was in my leg and was so minute that it never crossed my mind as being back pain. But then, as the months rolled by, I couldn’t walk without limping for the first two steps — then the first five steps — then ten steps. When it finally reached the point that my leg wouldn’t loosen up after walking 20 steps, my ego finally allowed some thoughts of, “There might actually be something wrong here.” So I went to a Doctor. He gave me some muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory pills, and other medications over the next month. All the while I had to lie down on my stomach in the parking lot after driving to work, just to stretch my leg out so I could make it to my desk. The pain got so bad throughout the day, that if I had to walk anywhere in the office, I laid on my stomach under the desk beforehand. When the VP of our department caught me one day, I realized I needed a solution. The doctor I had seen referred me to an orthopedic doctor, who, after a five-minute exam, scheduled me for an MRI on my lower lumbar region. The results showed three bulging disks. He gave me samples of Celebrix and told me to do sit-ups and come back in six months. I couldn’t wait SIX days let alone SIX months!

    That’s when I decided to see Dr. Gilbert. I brought him a copy of my MRI and he explained to me that the vertebrae were pinching on the sciatic nerve on the right side, and causing the pain in my leg. He gave me an adjustment and I walked out of his office somewhat skeptical. The adjustment was given with me lying on my stomach, which had relieved the pain in the past. But I still went back for my scheduled appointments, three times a week. After one week, just three adjustments- I was pain free at work the entire day!

    Dr. Gilbert and his chiropractic have cured me of two things: my crippling lower back pain, and, my stubborn attitude about taking care of my body.

    - Andrew P.
  • I had lived with back pain for twenty years. During that time I had been unable to take a deep breath without tremendous discomfort between my shoulders. Doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to have children and that I would never be able to lift anything over 10 pounds. To sum it up, they said that I had the back of someone at least twenty years older than me. Talk about discouraging. Then I met Dr. Gilbert and he completely changed my life. Within 4 weeks time, I had no back pain and could breath normally. All I do to maintain these results are a few exercises at night, I wear a head weight in the morning, and keep up with my monthly adjustments!

    - Krista D.
  • I started coming to see Dr. Gilbert on October 24th with a significant amount of lower back pain. He began treating me and 5 visits later the pain hadn’t begun to subside. It almost felt worse to the point of tears. Dr. Gilbert told me that it might get worse before it got better but that was hard for me to grasp. The weekend after my 5th visit I made up my mind not to come back and to cancel my 6th treatment scheduled for Monday. Four days later Dr. Gilbert called to see how I was doing. I explained that I couldn’t stand the pain and I thought my problems were stress induced. He gently reminded me of the findings on the x-rays he had shown me. Then he proceeded to tell me that there was a less aggressive way that he could approach the adjustments and if I wanted to pursue the care to give him a call. We hung up. I thought about it and decided I would give it one more try. I called Kathy 10 minutes later and booked an appointment. The rest is history.

    My pain has gone from a 10 to a 1 on the pain scale these days. The most significant thing about all of this is that if Dr. Gilbert hadn’t cared enough about me as a patient to call me and find out how I was doing and suggest an alternative, I never would have gone back to a chiropractor for treatment and I would have lost. Today I am educating myself about Chiropractic and I am beginning to understand why the pain had to get worse before it could get better.

    - Deb H.
  • I suffered from chronic, severe pain from front to back on the right side of my body. It was so disabling that I could not sit or walk, as any movement exacerbated the pain. I could not sleep at night because the pain was even more intense when lying flat in bed. My M.D. prescribed steroids, pain, and sleeping pills, which had no effect. My husband insisted I see his Chiropractor, Dr Gilbert. I was skeptical as I had never been to one in my 53 years. I saw Dr. Gilbert, who diagnosed me and developed a treatment plan. By following his plan and advice, plus keeping my appointments, I can thankfully say that I am completely pain free. Chiropractic adjustments have made my life whole again!

    - Joyce W.
  • Hi, my name is Mary. My friend, whose name is also Mary, suggested that I see Dr. G for the pain that I was having in my shoulders, neck, and for the headaches. What a friend she is for Dr. Gilbert’s treatments have allowed me to turn my head from side to side. My headaches are gone. And, for the first time in I can’t remember how long, I’m sleeping through the night. How wonderful a good nights sleep makes you feel the next day. One’s outlook on life is entirely different when you are pain free. Thank you Dr. G.

    - Mary S.
  • Thank you for the help you have given me. I suffer with fibromyalgia. It is painful and affects all the muscles in my body. This is a condition affected by all the seasons; heat, moisture, dampness, coolness and night air.

    The doctors who treated me before did little to help find ways to manage my daily pain. They tried different types of medication, which seemed to only mask my pain. I was afraid of becoming dependent on the medications.

    I made my appointment with you. At my consultation you took x-rays, which no other doctor had never done. I scheduled my next appointment for the report of findings. At this time you explained the results of all the tests and x-rays you had done at my consultation.

    I have finally found someone who cares about people. Your personality, Dr. Gilbert, speaks for itself. You have made me feel that you care about my pain. Once I walked with a slump and now I walk straight and I can sit in a chair without pain. Walking is becoming less painful. I no longer stay off to myself as much.

    I have been seeing you for two months now. You have made a difference in how my over all pain affects my body. The treatment approach you use is very professional and very caring. I thank you so much for understanding my situation and your willingness to continue working with me. I feel as is God sent an angel to care for me!

    - Jeanette M.
  • I am a Glass Installer and was having intense low back pain shooting into my leg down to my foot. I was no longer able to lift at work and had been moved into a less stressful position that paid less money. I had tried physical therapy, several medications and regular chiropractic with no lasting results. The only relief I got was for about a two month period following cortisone injections. I knew I did not want surgery but something needed to change so I could continue working without taking 4-5 Darvocet pills daily just to get by. Spinal Decompressions got me back on track with my life. I now have significantly less pain, close to zero, and am able to fully perform my job. Thanks Dr Gilbert.

    - Teddy R.
  • Asthma – it is a part of my life and has been for most of my life. There have been lots of medications, hospitalizations, and visits to the emergency room since then.

    Prednisone is an inflammation-fighting drug that has enabled me to keep breathing and functioning in a nearly normal way. This is great, except prednisone has a lot of adverse side affects that are wearing out the rest of my body, especially since I’ve been on it for close to 20 years.

    In my desire to not increase the prednisone I have tried lots of things but it wasn’t until I tried chiropractic manipulation for second time that I got the results I needed. My first try with chiropractics in the late 1980’s had no effect on the asthma. My good friends, the Gilberts, encouraged me to try again. Dr. Gilbert thought he might be able to make a difference. He did!

    We started with weekly visits. Dr. Gilbert worked diligently to ease the recurrent pain in my hip and to keep my neck and upper back in good alignment. Eventually the appointments were scheduled on a monthly basis. Dr. G asked me to bring in my Peak Flow Meter (it measures the volume of air I am able to exhale) and we would measure before and after the spinal manipulation. There was always a significant improvement. I still go for monthly adjustments, but, whenever I experience a loss in “peak flow” or I am coughing a lot, I make an appointment for an adjustment. Those adjustments have made the difference – I’m able to keep going without increased prednisone.

    Dr. Gilbert’s treatments have rescued me from increased prednisone several times—and I feel great!

    - Donna P.

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