Statement of Philosophy


I believe that we are designed by God to express both health and vitality, not the sickness and disease that is so very prevalent in today’s society.  I have made it my professional mission to take a message of hope and action to the masses so that they can be educated on what it takes to reach their birthright of excellent health and vitality.

Health is a chronic condition, not so very unlike other chronic conditions that we see today like heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.  We all know what kind of behaviors might increase our chances of developing chronic diseases.  Some of these might be smoking, alcoholism, lack of exercise, poor diet, GENETICS???  Nope, not the last one!!  I’ll explain that last one later but the others, they can all be summed up simply as poor lifestyle changes.  Lifestyle is in large part what determines our level of health.  If you truly believe as I do that we are made to be healthy, the question that we must ask ourselves is what needs to be done to promote this?  It is very simple.  You must participate in the behaviors that promote health instead of sickness!!  Unfortunately this is not as easy as it seems because there is so much misleading and down right wrong information that is being put out there to sell products.  For example, do you really believe that there is a pill you can take that will melt that big gut right off you while you sit in front of the TV watching “The Biggest Loser?  Well, people spend millions of dollars buying into that crap.  What it really takes is truly knowing how to

That is what I teach and the truly beautiful thing is that it works whether you are three,   (I am already teaching my daughter!) or ninety-three.  You can ALWAYS grow your health and that is what I am looking to teach people.

The materials that I teach are universal as they are what we NEED to express health.  As such, they are applicable to any person wanting to increase their personal health, regardless of any disease they may currently be being treated for.  Wellness as I see it is truly a panacea, not a treatment for any specific condition.

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